Ben Forrester's "The Sunday Jam"

Hey Everyone! Here is a playlist from my new Youtube series "The Sunday Jam" where I feature some different guitar based genre's that I love to play. Starting on February 25, 2018 and for the next 6 weeks, every Sunday at 12pm EST (6pm for my German friends) I'll post up a new video. Special shout out to my friend Max Wagner for laying down some low end for me!

Hope you like it and stay tuned over the next few weeks for more!

Joss Stone Remix Contest

Hey! Have you ever wondered what The Ben Forrester Band would sound like with Joss Stone on vocals? Well here ya go!
We have entered and performed a track for a Re-Mix contest that Joss Stone has put up. We are the only band that has submitted a Re-Mix (everyone else is a DJ and has done some sort of House/Electro/Techno/EDM Re-Mix).
So we decided to power up the Jet Engines, plugged in our vintage instruments and gave it a go. What you see is what you get... damn good Blues, Rock & Soul Music! 
If you would be so kind as to give our track a listen and if you like it, vote for it... and of course share it with all of your friends. If Joss Stone and her Judges like us, our Track will be put on an upcoming Joss Stone EP.
Thanks and Enjoy!

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